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Broadcasting Art 2010 Guidelines


1/ Three Sound-Art Projects will be awarded a prize by BROADCASTING ART. The works will have to include reference to all the aesthetic, narrative and technical aspects involving the use of the new technologies, both digital and analogical, from a contemporary point of view and with an avant-garde approach.

Each prize amounts to 4.500 euros (before taxes).

The deadline for the contestants is October 30th 2010.

4/ The projects must be completely new and unheard-of (never published, distributed, broadcasted or performed before an audience) and they will have to have been created after January 1st 2010. If any of these requirements should not be met, the project would be disqualified.

5/ There will be no thematic requirements for the artists or any other requirements regarding any specific narrative structure. We encourage all participants to be bold in their experimentation and research and to take risks and surprise us with their work.

Each participant will be allowed to present up to two different works which shouldn¿t be longer than ten minutes each.

7/ The works will have the characteristics necessary to be broadcasted, independently of their original format. That is, they will be given to us recorded in one track, mixed and mastered, on wav format or on an uncompressed audio-cd. Any other format (compressed mp3,¿etc¿) will not be allowed. Those works which do not meet these demands will be disqualified.

8/ The projects will be presented using an Application Form including:

* Theoretical justification and summary of the project.
* The downloading link for the sound-file.
* Artist¿s biography and curriculum vitae.

9/ The projects will be submitted using the application form available on our webpage or, alternatively, using our postal address, via registered postal order, messenger service or in person:

Casa de la radio.
Avda. Radiotelevision, 4. Prado del Rey.
28223 Pozuelo (Madrid)

10/ Those projects which are not selected for competition will be available to be taken away during 30 days after the final selection has been made. During that period of time participants will be able to apply for their return as long as they pay for the expenses.

11/ A panel of internationally acknowledged experts on sound-art will be meeting to make a decision after the established deadline.

They will select the three winning projects and they might also select several secondary winners (accesit) if they think that the quality of the projects demands it. They will also have the right to declare that the prize will not be awarded for lack of good candidates if they consider so. Their decision will be made public on November 20th 2010.

12/ The participants will renounce to their broadcasting rights in favour of  Radio 3 (RNE) in order that their works can be publicly broadcasted through the special radio shows which will be promoting the competition. Also, the Radio European Union will be given the broadcasting rights for a year after this contest is made public.

13/ A numbered copy of the winning projects will be part of the Párraga Center¿s collection in Murcia. The winners will have a 60 days deadline to send their works to this postal address:

Centro Párraga
c/ Madre Elisea Oliver, s/n
30002 Murcia

The participants will renounce to their reprography and distribution rights for a year so that a CD/DVD compiling the winners and a selection of contestants can be published.

14/ Candidates will totally acknowledge all the requirements specified above as part of the process.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any consultation at: fluidorosa@rtve.es


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