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Boney M: "Ma Baker"

Éxitos de 1977: Boney M. "Ma Baker"


El eurodance y el disco llega también en los setenta de la mano de Boney M, un grupo formado por las cantantes Marcia Barrey y Liz Mitchell de Jamaica, por Maizie Williams de las Antillas Británicas y por Bobby Farrell de Aruba. Tras presentar temas tan conocidos como "Daddy cool" o "Sunny", en 1977 editan el álbum "Love for Sale" que incluía "Ma Baker", éxito total en toda Europa, aunque en EEUU sólo llegó al puesto 95.

Letra: "Ma Baker"

Freeze i'm ma baker
put your hands in the air and give me all your money
This is the story of ma baker the meanest cat from old chicago town
She was the meanest cat
in old chicago town
she was the meanest cat
she really mowed them down
she had no heart at all
no no no heart at all
she was the meanest cat
for she was really tough
she left her husband flat
he wasn't tough enough
she took her boys along
'cos they were mean and strong
Ma ma ma ma
ma baker
she taught her boys
ma ma ma ma
ma baker
to handle there guns
ma ma ma ma
ma baker
she never could cry
ma ma ma ma
ma baker
but she knew how to die
They left a trail of crime
across the usa
and when one boy was killed
she really made them pay
she had no heart at all
no no no heart at all
Ma ma ma ma
She met a man she liked
she thought she'd stay with him
one day he informed on them
they did away with him
she didn't care at all
just didn't care at all
Here is a special bulletin
ma baker is the fbi's most wanted woman
her photo is hanging on every post office wall
if you have any information about this woman
please contact the nearest police station
Don't anybody move the money or your life
One day they robbed a bank
it was last foray
the cops appeared to soon
they couldn't get away
with all the loot they had
it made them might mad
and so they shot it out
ma baker and her sons
they didn't want to hang
they died with blazing guns
and so the story ends
of one who left no friends
Ma ma ma ma