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La ONCE (Spanish Organisation for the Blind) has introduced a new lottery ticket with a picture of a toasted meal nougat bar on it. The lottery ticket will be for the draw on 20 December, and today you¿re invited to taste the dessert in a special way: blind. La ONCE, with 3,600 registered members in the Canary Islands, will close the day with a sales increase of 5% over last year.

Two natives of the Canary Islands, Pedro Álvarez and Gerardo Ojeda, have taken first and second place in one of the most prestigious wedding photography competitions, held by the Photographers' Forum.  They say there is an endless supply of talented professionals working in this field in the islands. For this reason, they are calling on Canarian institutions to make the archipelago the perfect setting for these ceremonies.

The premiere of the documentary "La Sima del Olvido" (The Chasm of Oblivion): an audiovisual presentation about the victims of the Franco regime who were thrown into the volcanic pipe of Jinamar in Gran Canaria by the so-called "sunrise brigades". The documentary will be premièred at the Monopol cinema on Thursday, and has an educational approach. It will be viewed in schools so that students to keep this fundamental episode of our history alive among school students.

The first WOMAD Festival was held in  1993  in the capital of Gran Canaria. It was celebrated on the Playa de Las Canteras. To this date, all those who attended still remember those November days.