Sateli 3   Últimos capítulos del Coleccionable dedicado a Fats Waller 05.10.2021 01:00:00

Sintonía: "I´ve Got A New Lease On Love" - Fats Waller

"You´re Laughing At Me" - "I Can´t Break The Habit Of You" - "Did Anyone Ever Tell You?" - "When Love Is Young" - "The Meanest Thing You Ever Did Was Kiss Me" - "Cryin´ Mood" - "Where Is The Sun?" - "You´ve Been Reading My Mail" - "To A Sweet Pretty Thing" - "Old Plantation" - "Spring Cleaning" - "Honeysuckle Rose" - "Blues" - "You Showed Me The Way" (Vocal) - "You Showed Me The Way" (Instrumental) - "Boo-Hoo"

Todas las músicas cantadas e interpretadas al piano por Fats Waller

Sateli 3
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