Jam session   Rosemary Clooney y Paul Horn, dos efemérides 29.06.2015 02:00:35

HERRMANN / RASKIN: Vértigo / Laura (5’09”). E. Rava / R. Blake. HERRMANN: Taxi driver (3’10”). B. Herrmann. NORTH: Cleopatra’s palace music (4’51”). P. Horn. RICHARDS: Yazz per favore (4'30"). P. Horn. HORN / HARRIS: Prelude / Freedom jazz dance (8’05”). P. Horn. DOUGHERTY / NEIBURG: I’m confessin’ that I love you (3’45”). R. Clooney. CARMICHAEL: I get along without you very well (2’43”). R. Clooney. GREVER / PASQUALE: Magic is the moonlight (2’38”). R. Clooney. YOUNG / HEYMAN: When I fall in love (3’52”). M. Catingub. YOUNG / WASHINGTON: My foolish heart (3’18”). V. Young. YOUNG / WASHINGTON: My foolish heart (3’13”). C. McRae. YOUNG / HARRIS: Sweet Sue just you (2'48"). J. Venuti / E. Lang. MANDEL: Not really the blues (8’58”). G. Ammons / A. Farmer. WALDRON: Fire waltz (8’00”). M. Waldron. GREEN / HEYMAN: Out of nowhere (12’46”). E. Dolphy. RASKIN: Laura (6’56”). E. Dolphy. RAYE / MONK: I’ll remember april / 52nd Street theme (15’20”). E. Dolphy




Jam session
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