English Language Broadcast   This, Than & the Other 13/06/2012 25:33

American documentary filmmaker Katina Dunn has just been in Madrid, where her documentary Kumpanía Flamenco Los Angeles had its European première and won the Audience Prize at the Madrid International Film Festival [www.madridinternationalfilmfestival.com]. Justin Coe talks to Katina, the film's co-producer Cristina Lucio--herself a flamenco dancer from Los Angeles--and publicist Gwendolyn Alston about the documentary and about flamenco as it exists in Los Angeles, California. Kumpanía Flamenco Los Angeles [www.kumpaniamovie.com] is Dunn's first film after a professional decision to switch from journalism to filmmaking. Film might be thought of as a largely visual art form, but Katina says that music and sound are at least as important as a film's images. Apart from pure flamenco, her documentary incorporates innovative and boundary-crossing hiphop-flamenco music by Canyon Cody and Gnotes [www.gnawledge.com] (13/06/12)

English Language Broadcast
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