English Language Broadcast   A Songbook in Nahúat: Tuyulu Takwika 01.06.2021 32:11

After a brief look at the News, we turn (once again) to Song. Singing a song is not only a good way to learn a language, it can also help preserve the language. Spanish composer and musician Sonia Megías spoke with us about her recent work in El Salvador where she has been working to help recover the autochthonous language Nahúat. Thanks to her many collaborators, Sonia was able to record songs in the field, transcribe them for choir, orchestra and chamber groups and perform them with their native singers as soloists throughout the country. Some of these singers even came to Madrid. Tuyulu Takwika is the songbook that Sonia Megías is now publishing to ensure that the Nahúat language does not disappear. To find out more, visit her website: www.soniamegías.es

English Language Broadcast
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