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Próxima parada - Steven Wilson, Robert Plant y John Martin - 12/04/21

12 abr 2021

Bob Dylan - Tom Petti & The Heartbreakers - Mudcrutch - Mick Jagger & Dave Stewart - The Smithereens - Robert Plant - John Martyn - Genesis - Keith Richards - David Gilmour - Steven Wilson

Slow Train Coming: Bob Dylan: Amazon.es: Música

Bob Dylan "Man gave names to all the animals"

Echo de Tom Petty en Amazon Music - Amazon.es

Tom Petti & The Heartbreakers "Counting on you"

Mudcrutch by Mudcrutch on Amazon Music - Amazon.com

Mudcrutch "Love of the bayou"

Old Habits Die Hard Pt.2 by Jagger, Mick, Dave Stewart (2004-10-26) -  Amazon.com Music

Mick Jagger & Dave Stewart "Old habits die hard"

Smithereens 11 by The Smithereens on Amazon Music - Amazon.com

The Smithereens "A girl like you"

Fate of nations de Robert Plant, CD con jamesbishop - Ref:113941935

Robert Plant "I believe"

Martyn, John - Church With One Bell - Amazon.com Music

John Martyn "God's song" y "He's got all the whiskey"

Genesis - Invisible Touch (1986, Textured Screen Printed Embossed Sleeve,  Vinyl) | Discogs

Genesis "Throwing it all away"

Vintage Vinos de Keith Richards en Amazon Music - Amazon.es

Keith Richards "Wicked as it seems"

About Face de David Gilmour en Amazon Music - Amazon.es

David Gilmour "Murder"

The Future Bites : Steven Wilson, Steven Wilson: Amazon.es: Música

Steven Wilson "Personal shopper"


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