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English Language Broadcast - Under Lockdown in Madrid (I) - 20/06/20

20 jun 2020

Today's program consists of a series of interviews carried out during the last week in May, when Madrid was still in "phase zero" of the planned lifting of restrictions on confinement as a result of the government's declaration of a State of Alarm over the COVID19 pandemic.

Some of my English speaking friends agreed to talk with me about their experiences of the lockdown, then in its eleventh week. Most of the interviews were recorded from video conferences on the computer, the sound quality is not the best. This is the first of two programs.

today we hear from Aisha, a high school student who speaks about on-line classes and missing friends; from Abraham, a retired engineer who compares the situation in Spain with that in his native Colombia; and Talía, a wife, mother and professional who says she's learned an important lesson from the experience - one that applies to many of us.

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