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Metrópolis en Versión Original / Original Version


Ahora también puedes disfrutar algunos de nuestros programas en su versión original en ALACARTA rtve.

Now you can also enjoy some of our programmes in its original version on ALACARTA rtve.


HITO STEYERL. Duty-Free Art 

On the occasion of her exhibition Duty-Free Art at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid, Metrópolis presents a feature on Hito Steyerl, one of the most influential audiovisual artists of the past decade. [WATCH NOW]



Metrópolis offers a vision of "Fear Nothing, She Says" (Nada temas, dice ella), an extraordinary exhibition curated by Rosa Martínez for Acción Cultural Española and the Museo Nacional de Escultura, that brings together works by 21 contemporary artists, based on their thematic, conceptual and existential connections with the figure and the legacy of Teresa of Jesus. [WATCH NOW]



Metropolis devotes a special program to 25 years of career multidisciplinary artist SUSO33 (Madrid, 1973), from its beginnings as a graffiti writer until his last pieces of video and performing arts. SUSO33 is a precursor of iconographic graffiti as well as a pioneer of Post-Graffiti, Street-Art and Urban Art. He is the most established artist of live painting in Spain. WATCH NOW ]



Metrópolis features Mara Mattuschka (Sofia, 1959), a painter, performer and film director who has been living in Vienna since the mid-seventies. Central to her work is the human body, understood as an expressive tool and projection surface for the visualization of psycological conditions and processes. Through parody and exaggeration Mattuschka creates ambigous and unstable worlds that can be at once frightening and funny. [WATCH NOW]



Metrópolis features Enrique Marty (Salamanca, 1969), one of the most prolific contemporary Spanish artists, whose extense and complex body of work confronts the viewer with a merciless representation of the world, that accentuates the most absurd and sinister aspects of the human condition. The programme is based on Marty’s two recent exhibitions at  DA2 (Salamanca) and the Museo Lázaro Galdiano (Madrid). [WATCH NOW]