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Discurso íntegro de Raúl González, Teresa Perales y Mónica Figar ante el COI

Raúl destaca los valores de Madrid 2016
  • Discurso de Raúl Gónzalez: 

Hola Everyone!

El deporte nos hace iguales. Sí, nos hace iguales a todos.

 El deporte y el espíritu olímpico son incompatibles con cualquier tipo de discriminación basada en la raza, la religión, la edad o el sexo.

Ser deportista y tener la fortuna de ser un deportista de éxito es un inmenso privilegio. Pero también es para mí, una enorme responsabilidad. Demostrar la importancia que damos al esfuerzo, compañerismo, la solidaridad y el respeto por las normas y el juego limpio.

Desde que me comprometí con la candidatura de Madrid 2016, cuando termino un partido no sólo me pregunto cómo he jugado. Me pregunto también qué ejemplo he dado, especialmente a la gente joven.

Tanto dentro del estadio como en mi vida diaria. Esos son los valores por los que trabajamos en la candidatura de Madrid.

I believe. We believe.

  • Discurso de Teresa Perales:

Hola Everyone!

Sport makes us all equal. Yes, it makes us equal.

Sport has taught me that I can help many people, and touch the lives of others, especially young people, to find a path of personal development, improvement and integration.

Young people with day-to-day problems and those who discriminate against people different from themselves.

We athletes have a responsibility to help change people¿s lives, regardless of their ability or disability.

To be part of the Games with the Human Touch is a privilege and a beautiful responsibility.

We hope that you, Mr. President and all the members of the IOC, feel the same.

I believe. We believe.

  • Discurso de Mónica Figar:

Hola Everyone!

Sport makes us all equal. Yes, it makes us equal. And makes us better.

I know this very well. This and many other things about sport because I have been fortunate to learn it at home.

My parents have passed on to me their love of sport and also the values that are important to them ¿ respect, responsibility and the value of effort. Also sport makes us feel healthy and, above all, allows us to make many, many friends.

If Madrid hosts the 2016 Games, the spirit of sport, as it does in my home, will touch everyone, everywhere.

I think that participating in the Olympic Games (and being as good as both of you) is very difficult and requires a lot of work and training. I already dream about it. And if the Games were in Madrid, it will be a double dream.

Mum has told me that with lots of effort, everything is possible! And I believe her.

But just in case, My friends and I have become volunteers!

I believe. We believe.


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