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Setback at the hands of central government for the Calzadilla-Bienvenida photovoltaic megaproject

The executive rejected two of the four plants requested, understanding that they generate damages for species of special protection and for lesser kestrel feeding. He ruled out the Calzadilla 1 and 2 plants and validates the Calzadilla B plant (in Bienvenida) and Calzadilla 3. The overall project originally planned to install a total of 394 megawatts. Now, this has been reduced to 224.


Another hard setback for renewables in Extremadura. After five years of waiting, today it was published in the BOE that the great photovoltaic project, which first planned an installation of 394.1 megawatts of power over a total of 562.5 hectares, has been reduced to 170.1 megawatts of power over 242.8 hectares. Leaving the megaproject with a final installation of 224 megawatts over 319.7 hectares.


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