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The political groups assess progress on the second anniversary of the regional elections in 2015

Today, two years since the regional elections on 24 May 2015, the four parliamentary groups in the Assembly assess progress. Ciudadanos talk about a period of weak legislature and highlight their work as a responsible and useful opposition. Podemos talk about institutional limits and praise their work as a spokesperson for people from Extremadura among the institutions. For PP, this period has been marked by unemployment, deficits and debt. PSOE, however, have seen a recovery of rights.


The parliamentary spokesperson of the group Ciudadanos, María Victoria Domínguez, believes that since its formation they have practised active and useful politics for people from Extremadura at the Assembly of Extremadura. The president of the parliamentary group Podemos, Irene de Miguel, highlights the intense work of their representatives, talks about coherence with the electoral programme that they presented and highlights their role as a representative of citizens. The president of the PP from Extremadura also assessed the progress. José Antonio Monago says that these two years have been characterised by "unemployment, deficits and debt". And praises the representative of the socialist group in the Assembly, Lara Garlito, for her work during this period. According to Garlito, it has served to recover the rights of citizens and social dialogue.

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