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If those who use Youtube are Youtubers and those who use Instagram are Instagramers, those who use Alacarta are Alacarters. With this claim is presented Alacarters, the online program of RTVE. In the form of humor monologues, it aims to bring the contents of "A la carte", the multimedia content system under RTVE's demand, with which it can enjoy more than 1,335,000 videos and sounds, totally open and free.To spread the brand and remind viewers of the variety of content that contains "Alacarta" has created the online program "Alacarters" aimed at dissemination in networks. The idea behind the online program is to use the aesthetics of these networks to empathize with younger viewers and encourage them to use and even discover new content.

They are short videos of maximum two minutes that take like synopsis of chapter one of the many contents of "Alacarta" in both video and audio. About this idea, a humor monologist, "Sebas the Lightning", builds a humorous and thoughtful story about the content. In this way it is intended to spread the contents and enhance the brand image among Internet users. Series, programs, documentaries, news ... everything takes on a new dimension under the humor of this monologist.

 Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are the social networks through which content is disseminated weekly as a content promotion strategy. On Mondays of each week the internauts have a new chapter that is redifundir again during the weekend. In addition, everything is collected in a web where all the chapters are

 With an average audience of 10,000 hits on Facebook per chapter and own channel on Youtube, #alacarters has become an original proposal to spread and publicize the contents of RTVE.

About Sebas "El Rayo"
Sebas El Rayo

Sebas El Rayo

Sebas “El Rayo” is a stand-up comedian from Spain and multimedia producer. He has more than 14 years in the artistic and audiovisual experience.