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Bubbles (Sunflowers)

Inside Out (Chrysalis, 1998)

Bubbles (Sunflowers)

Sunflowers es un grupo mallorquín que se dio a conocer con su priemr disco (Inside Out) gracias a 'Happy Birthday': un tema bastante pegadizo y comercial que triunfo en las radiofórmulas. Según su cantante, Adela Peraita, 'la gente nos conoce por el 'Happy Birthday' y nada más; es un lastre para nosotros, e incluso pensamos que ese disco está tremendamente desaprovechado.'

Sin embargo, su álbum contenía calidad en temas como 'Some people' (incluida en la banda sonora de Torrente) o  'Eleven'. 'Bubbles' era la canción más personal de su sonido 'pop'.

 I dont care if you dont know what love is
if you dont feel the same as me,

I just dont wanna be, the sugar in your tea
Anyway you win!

Can your heart conceal what is fake or real
tell me anything you think I wanna hear
a part of you is dreaming the other part is real
Bubble here bubble there anyway you win!

Youve got my senses on the run
itching for you aching when your gone!
if nothing is the way it seems
then this life of mine is just a trick!

You dont want to realize and all u wanna see is...
A bubble here a bubble there
bubbles and bubbles and bubbles everywhere
taking away your pain!

Sugar, ... I dont wanna dance
Babe, ... I only wanna shout!
Inside my soul burns the world
Inside my head a voice is saying run away!
Maybe I am crazy but I still like to believe in one love
We can go up there and paint another sun, Come on!
I dont want to be a wrinkled memory no no no no no no no no
feeling like a bubble dancing in the storm

Bubble here and bubble there,

bubbles and bubbles and bubbles

Everywhere...taking away your pain


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