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El sótano - Llorando en el garaje - 21/11/14

21 nov 2014

Cuantas lágrimas, en su mayoría amargas, hay el rocknroll. Sesión cocinada en el garaje con unos cuantos clásicos y rarezas de todos los tiempos. Playlist; The Beatles (Cry for a shadow), The Remains (Why do I cry?), The Outsiders (Felt like I wanted to cry), Paul Revere and the Raiders (I’m crying), Them (Don’t start crying now), The Fabulous Blue Jays (I’ll make you cry too), The Cavaliers (Seven days of cryin’), The Gentlemen (It’s a crying shame), The Mean Things (Cry), The Stomachmouths (Cry), The Cynics (Tears are coming), The Thanes (Now it’s your time to cry), Los Tones (Cry), The Reigning Sound (I’ll cry), The Orangutones (I’m gonna sit right down and cry), The Chesterfield Kings (Cry your eyes out) y The Rolling Stones (Cry to me). 

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