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TV highlights: From 25th to 31st August 2014

The Spanish Super-Cup pits Real Madrid against Atlético de Madrid. <br>Delayed broadcast

"Cocina2": Olive Oil from Jaén and Artichokes from Benicarló


In the first episode, "Cocina2" explores the olive groves of Jaén in order to discover the secrets of the province's most valuable product: olive oil. The Torres brothers will experience the arduous task of "vareo" or beating the olive trees in order to learn all about the three types of typical olive in Jaén. Furthermore, Javi will gain a closer insight into how olive oil is made at an olive mill.

In the following episode, the program will travel to Benicarló in Castellón in order to explore a town that is proud of its artichokes, a highly versatile and seasonal product.
The Torres twins, Sergio and Javier, will learn all about the secrets of this vegetable with a family of farmers who have been cultivating artichokes for several generations.
  • 27/08/2014 22:15h
"Documentos TV": The Face of Volunteering

"Documentos TV": The Food of the Future

TV Documents


"If we know what type of food is most appropriate for our cells, naturally we can shape our destiny", states José María Ordovás, the Head of the Nutrition and Genomics Laboratory at Tufts University in Boston, USA. This is just one of the surprising assertions made in "The Food of the Future", a documentary made by TVE itself, with which the program, Documentos TV, tackles one of the scientific fields that presents the greatest potential development and brightest prospects for the future: nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics.

  • 31/08/2014 22:00h
'Águila Roja'

'Águila Roja'

'Red Eagle'

The murderer Gonzalo has freed, on the proviso that he reveal clues about his true origins and never kill again, has broken his word and murdered several women. However, the evidence points to Gonzalo as the murderer. The Commissioner puts a price on his head and captures Alonso. If Gonzalo does not give himself up, the boy will die.
The Cardinal is tortured by the Commissioner, but refuses to confess what happened to Irene. The only one who knows the whereabouts of the young woman is the murderer released by Gonzalo, who captured her in the forest. Red Eagle and Sátur try everything to find her, but the murderer prefers to play with them. Time is running out.
  • 28/08/2014 22:15h


'Bwana', directed by Imanol Uribe

'Bwana', directed by Imanol Uribe



A taxi driver and his family is going on vacation to the Andalusian coast hoping to spend a nice summer day; but, when they arrive, they encounter an illegal immigrant of black race who does not understand Spanish and starving and cold. At first they feel fear and decided to leave the place, but lost the car keys and are forced to spend the night with the unknown.
  • 25/08/2014 22:15h
Other programs
Documentary:That's Our Tune!

'Viaje al centro de la tele': What a Summer!


A review of the programs that triumphed in other summers on TVE. Do you remember a pioneering 3D program that was broadcast in the summer? Or that series with the bicycles? Or a social chronicle that began in the summer? Perhaps you recall a number of comedians who were "open for the summer" ("Abiertos por vacaciones")? A short time ago we enjoyed a "Sun Commando ("Comando al sol") ... and the mornings were fresher than ever. Summer has always been a great time of year.
  • 29/08/2014 22:15h
'Vivan los bares': Comodín. Sitges

'Vivan los bares': Comodín. Sitges

Long Live Bars


Raimundo Amador, José el Francés, Chonchi Heredia, Los Delincuentes and Alba Molina are just some of the artists who have played on the beachfront stage of La Luna. Live music coupled with food in the evening make up the ideal recipe for success at this beachside venue headed by Antonio el Patillas for the last 23 years. With the help of the venue's staff and regular customers, local artists will create graffiti in the shape of a moon, reflecting everything they feel about this legendary open-air restaurant. 

  • 29/08/2014 23:00h
'Cocina2': Potatoes from Logroño and garlic from Las Pedroñeras

Documental: "La joya: Warriors of the Mist'



A people that lived in the abyss and buried its dead in vertical walls, challenging all logic. The Chachapoyas culture emerged between the years 800 and 1500 in the north of Peru at an altitude of some 3,000 meters. We do not know exactly whether the inhabitants came from the jungle or from the mountains, but they settled in an area located on the rim of the jungle that was apparently impossible to inhabit.
Many unresolved mysteries can be found in these Chachapoyas mountains and canyons, and this documentary seeks to provide answers to many of them.
  • 28/08/2014 00:15h
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