The Sonata of Silence, The Department of Time, Six Sisters and Víctor Ros: main RTVE offerings at MIPCOM


From October 17 to 20, RTVE will be present at a new edition of MIPCOM in Cannes.

RTVE will travel to MIPCOM in Cannes with four main drama series: The Sonata of Silence, The Department of Time, Six Sisters and the second season of Víctor Ros. Furthermore, its productions will include Carlos, King Emperor, Isabel, Acacias 38, Crime Times, the movie, Broken kingdom and the tvmovie The Spanis-English Lady.

The Sonata of Silence is a romantic thriller set in Spain in the 1940’s and starring Marta Etura, Daniel Grao and Eduardo Noriega. Directed by Iñaki Peñafiel, it tells the story of Marta and her daughter Elena, two generations who seek to change a world that imposes extremely rigid social and moral codes of behavior. It is also the story of a townhouse where a mere partition wall marks the boundary between wealth and poverty or success and failure. Two warring families live in the building: the Figueroas, who have everything, and the Montejanos, who have lost everything. But above all, ‘The Sonata of Silence’ is a story about love, forbidden love, secret love, impossible love … one in which luxury and necessity, love and betrayal, and revenge and forgiveness exist side by side.

The Department of Time is a fantasy and adventure drama series that has become one of the biggest hits on Spanish TV, and that has also made a great impact in the social media. It presents different journeys back in time undertaken by a special patrol unit which has a key mission: to prevent anyone from changing History for its own benefit. Internationally awarded and designed for a broad family audience, it combines adventure with history and featuring a strong didactic dimension . It stars Rodolfo Sancho, Aura Garrido and Nacho Fresneda. At this moment is producing its third season; 13 episodes with significant improvements in production and post-production (special effects, outdoor scenes, computer graphics and 3D effects). All this will be a major leap in quality compared to the previous two seasons. The format has been widely accepted internationally and currently it is being adapted in several countries
The daily series, Six Sisters is a story about overcoming hardship, struggles and false appearances and, in particular, focuses on love and matters of the heart. It is set in the Spain of the 1920’s, in a period of great contrasts and featuring many social inequalities, and in which life is not easy, particularly for women.

RTVE will also be present in Cannes with the second season of Víctor Ros, a series that has received international awards at festivals in Hamburg and New York. Inspired by the novels by Jerónimo Tristante, it tells the story of a young police detective in Madrid in the late 19th century. In the new episodes, the character played by Carles Francino travels to Linares to solve the biggest case of his career.

RTVE will use the MIPCOM showcase to continue to promoting its international channels: TVE Internacional, a general-interest channel that has been featuring news and entertainment for more than 26 years and is a point of reference for the promotion of Spanish culture and lifestyle throughout the world; 24 Horas, a news channel where viewers can follow all of the news from Spain and from around the world; and the high-definition channel STAR HD, which offers the best fiction and entertainment from RTVE and can be seen through several cable-operators from several countries in Latin America and Europe and Africa.

RTVE’s sales team will be led by Rodolfo Domínguez, Sales Director; Rafael Bardem, Deputy Director of Program Sales and Licensing; and María Jesús Pérez, Deputy Director of International Channel Sales.