TVE Internacional, world-wide channel broadcasting in Spanish

Televisión Española Internacional is the world's first general purpose channel broadcasting in Spanish.

It is backed by its 450 million potential spectators over five continents.

TVE was founded in 1956 and, like RNE and, belongs to the Corporación Radio Televisión Española (RTVE), a corporation held 100% by the Spanish State.

RTVE answers solely to the Spanish Parliament to which it is fully accountable. It is therefore independent of any government or political party.

TVE Internacional has been on air since 1989.

Varied, high-quality programming

News, culture, education and entertainment make up its varied, high-quality programming, with the main goal of providing the best and widest-ranging offer to a very diverse and heterogeneous audience.

This range extends to the best programmes broadcasted by TVE on its domestic channels (La 1, La 2, 24H, CLAN TV and Teledeporte), plus specific slots strengthening the goals of TVE Internacional.

The reality of Spain is brought closer to audiences through news programmes such as Telediario, Informe semanal, Los Desayunos de TVE, 59 segundos or La noche en 24.

Entertainment draws on an extensive catalogue of fiction made in Spanish America, competitions, comedy shows and magazines.

The best fiction series

Quality series such as Cuéntame cómo pasó, Isabel, Águila roja and Gran reserva, together with in-house mini-series and made-for-TV movies, provide one of the cornerstones of our schedule's great popularity.

Finally, culture and education also have their space on TVE Internacional with programmes dealing with the latest advances in science, technology, literature, films or art, such as Redes, Página 2 or Tres 14. These innovative formats are proving that science and the arts can be discussed entertainingly.

Three distinct signals

TVE Internacional is broadcast through three distinct signals in order to adapt the programming better to the mean reference slots in their respective geographical areas.

TVE América transmits for South, North and Central America; TVE Internacional Europa, the one with the widest coverage, provides the signal for Europe, Africa, and the western part of Asia; and TVE Internacional Asia broadccasts to Central and Eastern Asia and Australasia.

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