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PARKER: Yardbird Suite (5.40). G. Krupa. BOSTIC / EVANS: Let me off uptown (3.24). A. O'Day. JOHNSTON / BURKE: The Moon got in my eyes (2.38). M. Bailey. LAWRENCE / KENTON / GREEN: And her tears flowed like wine (3.08). A. O'Day / S. Kenton. BIONDY / O'DAY: Waiter, make mine blues (3.23). A. O'Day. KRUPA / BIONDI: Boogie blues (3.47) A. O'Day. HOWARD: Fly me to the Moon (3.48). A. O'Day. ALBANY: I have a reason for living / My love for you (4.53). A. O'Day. RODGERS / HART: What is a man? (3.34). A. O'Day. WEBB: Didn't we (4.47). A. O'Day. ROSE / DeSYLVA: Avalon (2.13) A. O'Day. MERCER / YOUNG: Travelling light (3.25). A. O'Day. HOWARD: Ten cents a dance (2.17). A. O'Day

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