Sateli 3   Liquidator Music: Roy & Yvonne (2020) / Transilvanians (2020 02.06.2021 01:00:01

Sintonía: "Jack The Ripper" - Transilvanians

"You Lied To Me, "I´m Going", "Ready for Love", "Just A Little Bit", "This Is Your Life", "I Feel Love In This Room Tonight", "Believe in Yourself", "I Know (You Don´t Love Me No More)" y "Carnival Lawn", extraídas del álbum "Believe In Yourself", de Roy & Yvonne Accompanied by The Mighty Megatons (Liquidator Music, 2020)

"¿Cómo fue?", "Blue Beat Train", "Skancarajazz (Song for Gonzalo)", "Afronauts", "Boogie in My Bones", "Is Anybody There?" y "The Black Mambas", extraídas del álbum "Soulful Space", de Transilvanians (Liquidator Music, 2020)

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