Sateli 3   Desempolvamos un puñado de buenas canciones Pop (2001-5) 09.06.2021 01:00:04

Sintonía: "Shoulder Motion" - G. Hodge & The Jumping Jacks

"(I Wanna Know) All You Know" y "Off The Cliff" - Karl Larsson; "Toxic Girl" y "Winning a Battle, Losing The War" - Kings of Convenience; "Good Men Is Easy To Kill", "What Will You Do When Your Suntan Faces?" y "Silver Lining" - Beulah; "Somewhere Nicer" - OBI; "All Years Leaving", "Here She Comes Again" y "The Way She Does" - The Stands; "Naked As We Came", "Love and Some Verses" y "Sunset Soon Forgotten" - Iron + Wine

Sateli 3
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