English Language Broadcast   Madrid election results and pushback for bigger concerts 06.05.2021 30:12

We start with a look at results in the regional election held this week in Madrid. This is followed by some international news. Then we focus on another very different set of results, namely those of the clinical trials carried out at concerts with no social distancing held in Barcelona over the past few months. And we look at what these results could mean for live music in Spain (and elsewhere) this coming summer. Featured songs include: "One, Two, Three, Four" - Viviana Casanova; "Los Irrompibles" - Love of Lesbian; "Nadie Por Las Calles" - Love of Lesbian; "2021" - Vampire Weekend; "Amor Grande" - Irenegarry; "ASMR Para Ti" - Triángulo de Amor Bizarro; "Avant" - Zoo.

English Language Broadcast
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