English Language Broadcast   Dúa de Pel 31/08/2017 33:33

In today's program, I'm joined in the studio by Dúa de Pel, a literary  musical duo comprised of poet and dramatist Eva Guillamón and composer Sonia Megías.

The music they create emerges from the roots of tradition and aspires to transcendence. Pel may also be a planet. Intuition, sobriety and soul govern the harmonies of the two voices and the minimal instrumentation that accompanies them. Dúa de Pel have performed around the world, in Bejing and Shanghai, in New York, El Salvador, and soon, Buenos Aires Argentina.

Wherever they take their music and poetry, their audiences describe the experience as listening to their own deepest, perhaps ancestral, memories. Dúa de Pel will be recording their first cd this winter.  

English Language Broadcast
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