78 RPM   78 RPM - Porky Freeman y Yellow Jackets 16/07/2022 59:22

Country boogie, swing, hot jazz, instrumental, western swing, country blues, samba, son, calypso, dixieland, vocal, hawaiian, country, jazz, fox trot.

1.- “Boogie Woogie Boy”. Porky Freeman

2.- “Diga Diga Doo”. Rex Stewart'S Big Seven

3.- Yellow Jackets Get Together”. The Yellow Jackets

4.- “Scroungie”. Bill Justis & His Orchestra

5.- "Please Mr. Moon Don't Tell On Me”. Hartman's Heartbreakers

6.- “Hungry Calf Blues”. Blind Boy Fuller

7.- "Bahia". Orquesta de Abel Domínguez

8.- “Ninfa de los ojos brujos”. Pedro Vía y su Orquesta

9.- “High Brown”. The Growler

10.- "The Buzzard". Bud Freeman and His Windy City Five

11.- “Sweet Marie”. The Andrews Sisters

12.- "California Blues". Georgia Jumpers

13.- "Pecos Bill". Roy Rogers

14.- “Sweet Georgia Brown”. California Ramblers

15.- “Tip Toe To The Tulips With Me”. Frank Munn

78 RPM
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