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20 jun 2019



A World of Emotions

Under the slogan  Un mundo de emociones  (A world of emotions), RTVE has concluded the second edition of its showcase, which took place 26th–28th May. This professional event is intended for content and purchasing managers in the audiovisual market, as well as distributors and business partners of the corporation. RTVE presents its new programming and organises panel discussions with creators, specialists, actors, producers and programmers on topics such as keys to television success, international prospects and global consumption.
The aims of the RTVE showcase are to offer an entertaining presentation of what the corporation is producing and where it is headed in the global audiovisual world, increase international sales of its products, boost its image abroad as a driving force behind the Spanish audiovisual industry and strengthen ties with key players on the international stage.

First day of the showcase

The third season of Estoy Vivo and the new series  Malaka  were the main focus of the first day of the showcase. This day also included discussions on The challenge of creating fiction series for global consumption, with Daniel Écija, Ramón Campos, José Manuel Lorenzo, Tedy Villaba and Joaquín Oristrell; and the role which music plays in the development of fiction in the panel discussion  Music beyond series[NRH1]  , with the participation of renowned composers who specialise in creating music for television, radio and film: Pablo Cervantes, Pablo Pinilla, Pablo Miyar, Juanjo Javierre and Jeansy Aúz.

There was also the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the magazine programme  Aquí la tierra , among other content. In the afternoon, the focus turned to production of such documentaries as  Hundidos , Los cielos españoles  and  Equipo D. Los códigos olvidados ,  Ay, Carmen  and  J. Tarragó, el bibliotecario de Mauthausen ; and news reporting programmes such as  En Portada ,  Imprescindibles , which has just won the National Television Award, and  Crónicas .

 La caza. Monteperdido  and  Promesas de arena  were featured in the second session of the event put on by RTVE in Madrid, which brought together over 300 representatives from broadcasting companies and pay television platforms from Europe, America and Asia, 26th–28th May.

Second day of the showcase

 La caza. Monteperdido  has become one of the most-watched fiction series of the season, with an average of 14% market share and 2,162,000 viewers following the disappearance of the girls Ana and Lucía from a Pyrenean village.  They didn t make it easy for us, all the channels brought out their big guns, but “La caza. Monteperdido” survived every attack and was fascinating,  stated José Manuel Lorenzo, series producer and CEO of DLO/Magnolia. María Jesús Pérez, director of international sales for RTVE, has declared that  the series is very well liked and contains all the elements to ensure it has a very long international run . At the presentation, they were also accompanied by two stars of the series, Alain Hernández and Francis Lorenzo, and the author of the bestseller on which the story is based, Agustín Martínez.  99% of the success of a story is in the casting. If you do that right, there s almost nothing else to be done. There was a magical moment when all the actors were going by, each one getting into character. That s when I saw them come to life and I think we all had the feeling that we were making something good,  added the writer.

There was a great deal of expectation around  Promesas de arena , another of RTVE s big bets. It tells a love story pushed to the limit, set in southern Libya. An adventure melodrama based on the novel by Laura Garzón. Amparo Miralles, director of content for AtlantiaMedia, has confessed:  There are books that you read in images, that s what happened to me with this one, and we were able to convince TVE that behind it there could be a very interesting series with a very strong female lead.  The fiction series is filmed in Tunisia, and according to Javier García, executive producer for TVE:  It is an adventure story set in an exotic environment, which is what makes it so special, just filming there brings so much authenticity to the story.  Andrea Duro is the actress who breathes life into the protagonist.  Lucia is a young woman who decides to go to Libya to work with an NGO. She is well-off, but she arrives in an unknown world to discover love and true friendship. She is a character who never stops growing.

There was also discussion around literary adaptations for film and television, with the participation of novelists Laura Garzón and Agustín Martínez; screenwriter Ignasi Rubio; deputy director of the RTVE Film Division, Maite López Pisonero; the corporation s sales director, Rodolfo Domínguez; and Paco Mateo.

The second day of the showcase also included the presentation of the TV movie  Lope Enamorado , with its stars Jesús Olmedo and Sara Rivero in attendance, along with fiction and RTVE managers: Rodolfo Montero de Palacio, deputy director of film and TV movies at RTVE, Maite López Pisonero, Concepción Hernando, and César Martínez.

The presentation of the fiction series  La otra mirada  – whose second season just premiered on La 1 – included actresses Melina Mathews and Elena Gallardo, along with the executive directors of Boomerang TV Ficción, Luis Santamaría and Aitor Montánchez; script coordinator Alba Lucio; the deputy director for fiction at TVE, María Roy; and the RTVE director of international sales, Mª Jesús Pérez.

Other presentations today included the TV movie  Asesinato en la universidad , the kids  series  Bajo la red , and the entertainment programme on La 1  Proyecto Arkano Eladio Jareño, director of TVE, brought the second edition of the showcase to a close at midday today.


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