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Inglés en TVE - Programa 278

10 feb 2021

Richard Vaughan da clases de 26 minutos de inglés siguiendo el manual del estudiante creado en Vaughan.

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  1. Carlos Castel

    I would like to comment on three aspects of this, in my opinion, excellent English course. First. The emphasis on spoken language facilitates understanding of English in real situations. In this respect, the class of yesterday, for exemple, about ¿can¿ and ¿can¿t¿ was very good; I¿ve never heard so clearly the differences in its pronunciation. Second. It is greatly appreciated that the teacher (Richard) masters Spanish so that we don¿t waste time in ¿elaborate¿ explanations. In this respect, I sadly remember one teacher of mine (one teacher who barely knew Spanish) trying to explain first, second and third English conditionals¿ when it¿d have been much easier simply to say: ¿as in Spanish¿. Third. Absolutely in accordance with constants reviews of contents. They are absolutely essential to learn a language. As professor Richard says: ¿languages can¿t be learned, but rather they are internalized¿¿ Thank you very much!

    10 feb 2021