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Inglés en TVE - Programa 87

19 may 2020

Richard Vaughan da clases de 26 minutos de inglés siguiendo el manual del estudiante creado en Vaughan.

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  1. Beadac

    En el programa de hoy falta para poner los comentarios. The number eighty eigh of Vaughan's program fault commentary the lash commentary: I like this program very much. Knowing of differents "to like" to enjoy: appreciated as funny. And to verb: I am trying to left the lift: Intentar levantar el ascensor. Trying + it= probar. set trying: establecer intento or trying on. probarse.

    20 may 2020

    I am agree with your's wonderful lections, because there is sometimes , said lections in the pass class bad, in things symple as: hours.Although I thought due to studied through books. What time is it? What time is it reader? 1 Y 5 ONE OF FIVE OR TOO YOU CAN SAY, AS IN CLASS INSTITUTE, TOO ACADEMIC ENGLISH: it is five past one. Very important for mine the construction gramatical: to like + verb ing: I like talking with Natacha, I enjoy using the book. As the istory Michael to Inés Garcia. THE FANTASTIC LOVE BETWEN TWICE SELVES.

    19 may 2020