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Inglés en TVE - Programa 81

11 may 2020

Richard Vaughan da clases de 26 minutos de inglés siguiendo el manual del estudiante creado en Vaughan.

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  1. Beadac

    This lection Look after to me , Very interesting as before .Learning very expressions I knodledge, as to say: Bufete de abogados: Firm -law. It's is curiosed but when I was in Lawyer Faculty Not saying this expression, that the two years I was studied over there. Was one lawyer European, International. That it's is will became. And nobody , Then I received some class Inglish academyc technycal at Madrid city. And this book technych neither will went nothing . Words: Bufete de abogados. Firm Law. This manner, I understood in it's day , that in this Career, They wouldn't that wasn't one. Too very important Today learning labour case: caso laboral, labour form, Too to part . to have pregnant , to have born: Tener un niño. But very important for mine expression: she gaves to impression advantage of shes' , Ella tiene la impresión (Inés García) de aprovecharse de ella.

    11 may 2020