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Retromanía - Buceando en el New York de Lou Reed - 16/11/2020

16 nov 2020

Retromania dedicado a uno de los momentos mas importantes de Lou Reed: el periodo 1988 / 1993. Son los años que rodean a una de sus obras maestras, New York, aparecido en 1989, y que desembocará en la reunión de la Velvet Underground nuevamente.


LOU REED - Romeo Had Juliette (1989, New York)

MATERIAL - O.A.O (1979, Temporary Music 1)

ROBERT QUINE / FRED MAHER - Bluffer (1984, Basic)

LOU REED - Last Great American Whale (1989, New York)

MAUREEN TUCKER - Pale Blue Eyes (1989, Life In Exile After Abdication)

LOU REED - Dirty Blvd (1989, New York)

DION AND THE BELMONTS - A Teenager In Love (1959, Presenting Dion And The Belmonts)

LOU REED - Sick Of You (1989, New York)

ICE-T - Lethal Weapon (1989, The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech... Just Watch What You Say!)

NEIL YOUNG - Rockin' in the Free World (1989, Freedom)

LOU REED - Halloween Parade - Live at Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, Baltimore, MD, 3/16/1989 (2020, New York)

JOHN CALE & LOU REED - Nobody But You (1990, Songs For Drella)

LOU REED - Gassed And Stoked (Loss) (1992, Magic And Loss)


Algunos libros que nos han ayudado a elaborar el programa son:

ICE T & DOUGLAS CENTURY - Ice: A Memoir of Gangster Life and Redemption-From South Central to Hollywood (2011)

VICTOR BOCKRIS - Transformer: The Complete Lou Reed Story (2014)

LOU REED - The Last Interview And Other Conversations (2015)

AIDAN LEVY - Dirty Blvd.: The Life and Music of Lou Reed (2015)

SEYMOUR STEIN - Siren Song: My Life in Music (2018)

ANTHONY DECURTIS - Lou Reed: Una vida (2019)

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