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English Language Broadcast - Panorama - 20/08/20

20 ago 2020

We begin today's program with a brief review of some of the stories in Spanish news, the whereabouts of the King Emeritus, the effect of the US tariffs on Spanish wine and olive oil, the rising number of Covid19 cases, and a demonstration in Madrid protesting against the public health and safety measures imposed to combat the pandemic. Then we focus on the situation in Belarus following the disputed August 9 presidential elections which saw long-time leader Alexandr Lukashenko win a sixth term. A brutal crackdown on protesters resulting in 7,000 arrests and hundreds of injured prompted international condemnation, an unusual official apology and massive peaceful demonstrations throughout the country, backed by striking workers, once Lukashenko's base. The leader, who's governed the country of 9.5 million for the past quarter of a century, has blamed both the West and Russia for the unrest, just as he has sought to balance his position between Nato and the Kremlin. The protests in Belarus are no "color revolution" and this small country is no Ukraine. The opposition leaders have not assumed an anti-Russia stance. Nonetheless, Nato troops amass at its borders with Lithuania and Poland.

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