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TV highlights: From 4th to 10th August 2014

"Cocina2": 'Buds' from Ezcaray and Honey in Guadalajara

"Cocina2": 'Buds' from Ezcaray and Honey in Guadalajara



The Torres twins will tackle a product that is deeply engrained in the local palate. In Ezcaray, tradition means 'caparrones' or 'buds', which consist of pinto beans that offer a taste of homemade cooking.
 In the area of La Alcarria, a unique natural equilibrium exists involving bees, aromatic plants and small producers, which has given rise to the first honey of certified origin (D.O.) in the world. The Torres brothers prepare a dish based on honey and other local products..
  • 06/08/2014 22:15h
'Águila Roja'. Captain Patrick intends to marry Margarita

'Águila Roja'. Captain Patrick intends to marry Margarita

Red Eagle


SCaptain Patrick is determined to marry Margarita even if he has to force her into it. Then they will leave for England. The young woman believes that her family will come in search of her, but the captain has left nothing to chance.

For his part, Gonzalo is the target of several murder attempts. The attacks coincide with the arrival in town of some wandering performers from far-off lands.
And at the palace, the Commissioner discovers Sagrario's dark secret concerning the daughter of the Counts of Abrantes..
  • 07/08/2014 22:15h
'Españoles en el mundo' Takes Us to Missouri

"Documentos TV": Consumerism - The Empire of the Senses

TV Documents


Each day we receive thousands of advertising messages and we take purchasing decisions. But are we entirely free when we make those decisions? Are we guided by reason and our conscience when we lean towards a certain product? What do brands and shops do in order to attract us? How do they activate what is known as the purchase button?"Documentos TV" attempts to provide answers to some of these questions, showing us how brand and company strategies are designed and what impact these have on consumers.

  • 10/08/2014 22:00h

The Funniest Town

'Astronautas', directed by Santi Amodeo

Berantevilla and Novales


A great sense of humor is the common characteristic of the 22 towns that are battling it out to become "The Funniest Town in Spain". This week pits Novales (Cantabria) against Berentevilla (Álava). Novales is also known as the "Murcia of the North", given that, since it is situated in a valley surrounded by mountains, it has a micro-climate that enables the town to grow citrus trees. In Berantevilla there is a tradition in which members of the town go around people's houses greeting them in the form of a small human pyramid, in the style of the typical "castellers catalanes" or Catalan human pyramids."

  • 07/08/2014 23:45h
Other programs
'Viaje al centro de la tele'. At the Top

'Un país para comérselo': Majorca, here's to your red sunsets

A delectable country


Today's journey takes us around the island of Majorca. We are shown a Majorca which is striving to find its own image through the recovery of some of its products, some of which are quite simple - like bread. Tomeu uses his ancient oven and a restored variety of wheat to prepare a brown loaf which is reminiscent of the ancient, traditional breads which have been baked on the island since time immemorial. And if we are talking Mediterranean and bread, we inevitably start to think about real, authentic tomatoes.

  • 06/08/2014 23:30h
'Vivan los bares': Olivia Valère Club in Marbella

'Vivan los bares': Olivia Valère Club in Marbella

Long Live Bars


This club is hidden to indiscreet eyes behind a ten-meter-high wall. When you cross the draw-bridge that protects the wall, you enter a magical world full of the aromas of the age-old South, featuring hundred-year-old palm and olive trees that evoke lost landscapes and transport us to a world taken straight out of "One Thousand and One Nights". Made up of an excellent restaurant, a private club and a magnificent discotheque, this incredible complex has attracted leading celebrities from around the world since it was opened. Actors, singers, politicians, businessmen. Nobody who visits the Costa del Sol can miss one of its most charismatic spots.

  • 08/08/2014 23:00h
Documentary: "And You Didn't Mourn Me (El Cordobés)"

Documentary: "And You Didn't Mourn Me (El Cordobés)"


Gypsies in Buenos Aires" tells the story of David Amaya, a Spanish flamenco guitarist who left his country in order to migrate to Buenos Aires in Argentina. Once there he devoted his life to music and discovered a community of gypsies of Andalusian origin, whose patriarchs moved to Argentina during the post-war period. In spite of having lived in Buenos Aires for more than fifty years, these gypsies have maintained their culture, still speak in the gypsy tongue, "Caló", and live off flamenco and hawking..

  • 07/08/2014 00:15h
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