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The Turuñuelo, a unique Tartessian building

In Guareña, CSIC archaeologists dig what could be a unique Tartessian building on the Iberian Peninsula. A two-storey building, with a stairway measuring over three metres tall. During its construction, materials and techniques have been used that, up until now were unknown to be used by the Tartessos. Currently, only ten percent of the surface area has been excavated and it is unknown what its use might have been. Judging on what has been discovered so far, it could be a palace, shrine or tomb.


 For 4 years, close to Guareña, researchers of the Institute of Archaeology of the CSIC have been excavating one of the vestiges left by the Tartessos, The Turuñuelo. With only 10 percent of its surface discovered, it is already known that it is a unique building on the Iberian Peninsula, measuring more than 6 metres tall, with two floors connected through a single stairway. Measuring more than 3 metres tall with 11 stairs, some coated in slate, others made of lime mortar and clay.  The building was abandoned in the 5th century BC, after it was covered in clay by its inhabitants and burnt down. It could be a palace, shrine or a tomb.

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