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Extremadura in favour of regulating the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes

The Assembly of Extremadura has unanimously approved the proposition put forward by Cuidadanos to urge the Central Government to legislate and regulate the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes, as defended by the Federation of Cannabis Associations throughout the national territory , with the goal of guaranteeing the legal security of those who consume it.


The Assembly will unanimously, and at the proposal of Cuidadanos, urge the Government to regulate the consumption of cannabis for therapeutic purposes, with the support of cancer and multiple sclerosis patients, as well as the Federation of Cannabis Associations in the region, which introduced the initial proposition to political partieswith another four points.

Spanish legislation allows the therapeutic consumption of marijuana when the substance is obtained through the associations that cultivate marijuana for medical purposes, but the activity is not regulated, which is why the Federation of Cannabis Associations is promoting this initiative, as they're seeking legal security for those who consume it.

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