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Fly Bar: Arturo Paniagua (02/02/2012)

09 feb 2012

El 2 de febrero tuvimos en el Fly Bar a Arturo Paniagua, de Vavá (Radio 3). Esta es la lista completa de los temas que pudieron escucharse:

amoraboy - All Boys Don't Cry Now

Mark Vidler - I Can't Stand Sultans Of Swing

amoraboy - I was made for fucking you

Loo and Placido - Should I Stay Or Should I Boogie

Cheeky Boys - Switchin Alive

Stein Vidar - Like a Virgin at the YMCA

Disfunctional DJ - You're The One I Want In The Next Episode

Madmixmustang - Alice in Boogie Wonderland

lobsterdust - I will Survivor

amoraboy - Hello of glass

DJTomtom - Gimme the Power of Hell

FAROFF - Are You Gonna Be My Blitzkrieg Girl

Ryan Nellis - The Who Train

lobsterdust - Dance Is The Drug

Cookin Soul - The Escobars

ElectroSound - Crazy Little Feel Called Love

ToToM - Baby I'm Calling

MadMixMustang - So Did Ya Think About It

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