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English Language Broadcast - A 'Political Ban' - 30/07/19

30 jul 2019

Today's program looks at the recent imposition of a "political ban" by the German authorities on a Palestinian writer and activist, Khalid Barakat, who lives in Germany. Spanish MEP, Manuel Pineda, brought the issue to the European Parliament, where he is also a member of the foreign affairs committee, inviting Khalid Barakat, his wife Charlotte Kates, the international coordinator of Samidoun, the Palestinian Prisoners Solidarity Network and another Palestinian activist to Parliament to speak. The Israeli government has objected to the Palestinians' presence in the European Parliament and to the Spanish MEP's membership on the Foreign Affairs Committee. In a phone interview from Germany, Charlotte Kates discusses the matter with Alison Hughes. The program ends in a report from Israel, where the Director of Human Rights Watch for Israel and Palestine, an American, is currently awaiting a court decision on his deportation, in another case that could also set a precedent on the rights of human rights advocates.

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