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English Language Broadcast - Panorama - 08/08/19

08 ago 2019

In today's program Alison Hughes looks at some of the news in Spain and around the world. The ship Open Arms carrying 121 migrants it rescued in the Mediterranean six days ago has still not been given permission to dock at any European port. Malta and Italy have refused the ship entry; the Spanish government ignores Open Arms' appeals saying "immigration policy is a European responsibility." The wildfires in Madrid and Segovia that began on Sunday have been brought under control, but not before the Guadarrama National Park lost valuable acres. In international news, Pakistan and China protest the Indian government's unilateral revocation of Kashmir's autonomous status. Now under New Delhi rule, the disputed región is under a lockdown and internet and telephone service have been suspended. Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro has made good his campaign promises allowing extensive deforestation of the Amazon. This past July, the Amazon rainforest lost over 270 percent more tree cover than the previous July. The US's efforts to overthrow the Maduro regime in Venezuela have taken a new turn: draconian new sanctions that bar third parties from doing business with Venezuela. And more...

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