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Methodology and Comitee

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According to other forums¿ model, the UIMP-RTVE Forum, settles a methodology that combines previous reflexion, face- to- face debate, through a three-day Seminar and the on-line discussion on the elaborated documents.

In July, August and September, the Forum¿s webpage will be created with fifty participants, the agenda and the participants in the Seminar will be decided, in Novembre, from 20th to 22nd , the Seminar will be celebrated and in the following two months the debate between the Forum components will be formalized and will give its conclusions and recommendations in a document presented by the General Manager of RTVE in December 2006.

In the core of the Forum, there will be a first screening of innovative and quality programmes that will allow us to foresee future tendencies as they are being developed right now in an international level. 20 selected programmes among the most innovative ones of the worldwide panorama will be presented by their creators.

The forum will gather creators and people in charge of television contents, creators of the main shows in North American television, with of course an outstanding European and Spanish participation.

Television managers and public officials will also be present, such as, Viviane Reding, European Commissioner for Information Society and Media; Wolfgang Closs, Executive Director of the European Audiovisual Observatory; Hansjurgen Rosenbauer, President of INPUT; Carmen Caffarel, General Manager of RTVE or Almerindo Marqués, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the public Radio and Television of Portugal.

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